Thursday, January 25, 2007


I had a delightful conversation with an elderly foreign man lastnight.

It's so strange to call white English speaking people "foreigners" but that is the reality here. So I was extremely surprised to see him walk into KFC while I was indulging in a delicious sandwich (I never eat KFC in Canada but since being here I've become an addict for various reasons). Cass and Andrea dared me to go speak with him and because I'm not really scared of anything, least of all a kind looking older man, I went up and interrupted his dinner and shook his hand. And I knew right away that he was a gentleman because he stood up and insisted that I sit down before he did the same. His accent was heavy as he was originally from Scotland, but now he resides in London. I cannot express to you how strange this meeting was for me. The only 2 people I can speak regular English with (without slowing down my speach in a major way) are Andrea and Cassandra, and to finally add a third person into this equation was just too surreal.

So what was this man doing in such a city as this? After 5 minutes of him speaking in his heavy heavy accent, I discovered that he is here for the grand opening of a Ramada hotel in the neighbouring city, YiWu. Turns out he is the vice prez of Ramada Hotels in Asia. Impressive. He's obviously loaded and it showed. What with that fine looking trenchcoat of his and his gold rings. Tres impressive. Of course I tried to get a deal out of him when I stay in Shanghai next time, but he forgot the name of the owner at one of the Shanghai Ramada suites so .... no deal. But what I did get out of him was an indepth 30 - 45 minute conversation about the world. Two people that are so far from home; the conversation always veers towards that subject. It's so big and accessible. I just thought I'd let you know how blown away I was by this epic event. And this is coming from someone who will be in Canada in approximately 48 hours. Surrounded by blonde haired blue eyed "foreigners".

I've been thinking that the lack of attention that I get in Canada compared to the loads I get for being blonde haired / blue eyed in China will crush me. I have gotten so used to the stares that I'm sure I'll miss them. Rejected, downtrodden, Dejected, etc will be my state of mind 48 hours from now.

And what's with women watching pornographic movies at this internet cafe? The men never do, only women! What is up with that?



Blogger Dee said...

probably because men can't watch such things with out something bad happening haha. Yay ur almost home! :D And ur so brave to just talk to strangers I never could do that, way to stay connected ;) hehe

January 26, 2007 at 1:43 AM  
Blogger brad- said...

Pshh only girls look at porn. I Cant wait to see you !!!!! Im freaking out!!! so soooon!!!!!!!!!!!

January 27, 2007 at 5:59 AM  

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