Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Since you're wondering

As much as I have loved being able to spend time with my family and friends for the past week, I can't help but feel a tad overcome by this feeling... this culture shock.

Canada is an incredible country, true. Almost all of the problems that I faced in Dongyang and the surrounding area could conceivably never happen in Whitby, my hometown. Things are simpler here, quieter and more decent and straightforward. But there was a certain method to the madness that I must confess I found quite alluring in China. There's something so meaningful and inspiring about finding your way out of one of the several hundred problems that China throws at you. Here... there's nothing. Just some snow and ice and Tim Hortons and a smartly-heated house (as opposed to the icey cool air and tiles in my apartment overseas). Things have been looking rather bleak to me.

On a lighter note, taking full advantage of the quick wireless internet I have available to me on my laptop at the moment, I have some things to show you. Pictures that I never found the time nor energy to post at the Internet Cafe I became so twistedly attached to.

A new take on the school cafeteria - total chaos.

A wall of snuff bottles and other stuffs, all handpainted from the inside.
Me chilling in a real uncomfortable wicker seat in Shanghai.
This picture must be enlarged to find the humour in it. A notice to backseat passengers in a taxicab.
I'd like to think of this as me bargaining for a good deal, but I think we all know that I was only driving down the wildly inflated price a tiny bit.
The best part was when he flew into the air via rocket propulsion. What a babe.
On top of the world! Well, almost... it looks pretty high up.

Where much of Jet Li's film Hero was shot, in Hengdian, about 20 mins from my city.

And the movie poster for Hero, where you can see the same buildings in the background.

And that's all the input I have for you today. More soon.


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